Friday, November 5, 2010

Miss Scarlet in the Library - and Turning 27

It's hard to believe Halloween has come and gone, and we're already in November. It's especially hard to believe in Southern California where the sun is shining and it's 80 degrees today! I've always loved fall, and October in particular. My birthday has something to do with that :) I turned 27 on October 23rd, and was lucky to have my parents here from Virginia to celebrate. We started the weekend on Friday by having a great breakfast at the hotel my parents stayed at, Estancia, and then Mom and I headed to the spa for some relaxation! After a great massage we headed into downtown La Jolla, with Max in tow, my energetic 1 year old Maltese.

We strolled along the beautiful Cove before eating lunch outside with an ocean view. It still amazes me that I live here. The scenery makes me feel like I'm on a constant vacation. Well, except for that 9-5 job and all. Then we walked in a few shops and stopped for dessert at a cupcake shop, aptly named Cups. They even had doggie cupcakes or "cuppies." Max enjoyed his first peanut butter cupcake, which he devoured in five seconds.

That evening we joined some family friends that live in San Diego for a great dinner. And to my pleasant surprise, there was a live jazz band playing at the restaurant that night. The restaurant is on the 11th floor of an old hotel with glass windows that face the ocean. I enjoyed my last night of 26 in style!

So, I woke up the next morning to texts and calls from friends on the East Coast wishing me a Happy Birthday. It was a great way to start the day! My parents and I headed for breakfast at Chocolat, a creparie where I had the most incredible nutella and banana crepe (trés délicieux!) and carmel latte.

We then headed to the Zoo, one of my favorite all time places. I've always loved animals since I was I kid. And the San Diego Zoo is one of the most renowned in the world. Their wildlife conservation efforts are amazing. We had fun hanging out, like this guy.

Then I got ready for a night out. My parents and I had dinner at one of my favorite La Jolla restaurants, George's on the Cove. There is a main dining room, but then a open air rooftop dining area with heat lamps and view hanging over the ocean. (Can you tell the trend of me liking to eat places with an ocean view?) I opened presents and had a great dinner topped off with delicious cheesecake - my fav. dessert!
Then I met up with some fabulous girls for drinks on another rooftop across the street. The highlight of the night was a neighboring table of young men making a bet on who got their next round of drinks by guessing the age I was turning. Luckily none guessed higher, and the first guy guessed exactly right. We danced to a great DJ, and even got free tickets to big Halloween party for the next Saturday.

Fast forward to the next weekend, and Sheena and I kicked off Halloween by dressing up for a party as classic board games. She was a twister board (pretty hysterical) and I was Miss Scarlet from Clue. (In the library with a rope) Then on Saturday night we put our costumes on again for that huge party we got free tickets for on my birthday. It was called "Heaven and Hell" and was held on the Del Mar fairgrounds. There were multiple bars and DJ's. Everyone had awesome costumes - my favorite was a gingerbread man. It looked like the one from Shrek.

Once we tired of the techno-music, we headed to a house party of someone Sheena knows on a roof top that was like no other house party I'd ever been to. (Welcome to La Jolla!) It was a gorgeous house with an ocean view. It was decked out, with bartenders and all. We hung out there to the wee hours of Halloween morning. After sleeping in, I enjoyed the afternoon by taking Max for a walk on dog beach. It was a gorgeous day! He had a blast running around with the other dogs, but isn't too fond of the water. Then I took a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to an outlet mall that's all outdoors. Children were trick-or-treating at the mall, it was really cute!

So, that concludes my last two weekends. And it's Friday again! Tonight my friend Mike and I are going to have a chill Scrabble night. We both love the game, and have yet to challenge each other. I will update who wins :) I'm saving up my energy for a big downtown night tomorrow. And on Sunday I'm going to the San Diego Classy Awards, honoring top philanthropists from across the country. There's some celebrity entertainment and presenters too :) I will post pictures next week!

Well, that's a pretty lengthy first blog post, so I'll sign off for now... xoxo

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