Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thirty Before Thirty

So, I decided after turning 29 last October that I would make a "30 before 30" list of all of things I want to do before turning the big 3-0. I've been meaning to get this on my blog for awhile now, but better late than never! I hope by putting this out in the blogosphere, I'll be more motivated to complete it. Come on friends, hold me to these! If you want to join in on some of these, let me know! I've only got 4 and half months to get through the list!

I'm a lot less anxious about this milestone birthday than I thought I'd be when I was in my early twenties. I'm excited to enter a new decade of my life and am grateful for all I've been able to do thus far. Besides, thirties are the new twenties, right?!? My twenties had a lot of ups and downs, but it was overall a pretty awesome 10 years. I look forward to seeing what my thirties have in store, bring it on! 

Deadline of October 23, 2013

1. Run first 5K (I ran the Color Run in November 2012, so fun!)

2. Skydive

3. Open an etsy store

4. Make a quilt of my fav. sorority shirts and finally get rid of the rest

5. Organize my closet and donate old clothes I couldn't part with for so long

6. Take a hot air balloon ride (they go off near the beach in Del Mar, CA - so pretty!)

7. Cook dinner AT LEAST twice a week (pre-packaged or prepared doesn't count!)

8. Have an awesome 30th birthday bash! (Dinner at Stone Brewery was so fun!)

9. Begin a consistent yoga practice (getting there!)

10. Join a book club  - San Diego Literary Society, what, what?!? We're so fancy :)

11. Finish all the books I've started and never finished (Hmm, might need an extension on this one!)

12. Watch 5 classic movies I've never seen

13. Learn to surf

14. Go sea kayaking (Went in La Jolla, so beautiful and fun! Thanks Bill!)

15. Get a nice SLR camera and take a photography class

16. Go to an outdoor movie or drive-in

17. Hike in Yosemite (Went for the amazing wedding of good friends Erin and Doug, and stayed a couple extra days to explore!)

18. Get out of debt

19. Start saving more

20. Blog at least twice a month (I've been such a slacker!)

21. Join a community orchestra

22. Meet the man of my dreams (sick of meeting frogs, you gotta be out there somewhere!)

23. Find a church to go to regularly 

24. Take a California road trip (Went to Santa Barbara for Erin's Bachelorette weekend, and Yosemite for her wedding!)

25. Watch the sunrise on the beach (I've watched some amazing sunsets on the beach here though!)

26. Go to Disneyland (CA) 

27. Go to LA for a taping of a talk or late-night show (Went to Jay Leno!)

28. Host or go to a murder mystery dinner party

29. Reconnect with some old friends (I've seen some old friends already this year that I hadn't seen in a long time!) 

30. Turn off phone and email for a whole day and just spend it alone doing my favorite things.

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