Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Max!

This post is a few days belated, but Happy Birthday to my "fur-child" Max!

About 3 and half years ago, I went into a pet store on my lunch break from work. I looked through the glass at an energetic maltese puppy. He was a ball of white fur with the funniest expressions. There was a sign on his window with "Sale" written large across the price which had been reduced pretty low. I asked the shop worker why (did he have some health issues or some defect... although I would have loved him anyways!) and she said no, it was just because he'd been in the store too long. How no one snatched up the cutie is beyond me!

So, long story short, I went after work to tell my friend/roommate about him and she came back to the pet store with me to meet him. And that night I came home with Max (then unnamed), a crate and a box of food, treats and toys. I had never had a dog before in my life, and had no idea how to care for a 4 month old puppy! But he stole my heart, and I quickly learned how to keep shoes hidden and the woes of house training. 

Here's Max shortly after I brought him home exploring the yard.

Max made the cross country drive with me to San Diego almost three years ago and has quickly adjusted to the Southern Californian lifestyle :)  If it's above 80 degrees he thinks it's too hot, he loves catching some waves at Dog Beach and is an all together chill dog. 

Pit stop in the Painted Desert in Arizona during the cross-country drive to San Diego.

Max cooling off in the water.

Almost a year ago, I adopted my second dog Millie from a rescue group, and she is the perfect friend for Max! They love each other and keep me laughing. They are quite the duo. Most people think they are related. 

Last Thursday, on March 21st, Max turned 4! He got a "pup-cake" to celebrate :) He is the most loyal, funny, smart, energetic, sweet and loving dog I could have ever asked for and until I have kids one day, he and Millie are my fur-children :)

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