Friday, January 21, 2011

Summer in January?

It has sure felt like summer this week in San Diego! Not to brag to my East Coast friends and family who have been battling snow and ice, but the weather has been AMAZING here. It's nicer than when I got out here in July! It's been hovering in the 70's since middle of last week, except for one "chilly" day on Wednesday when it only got to 61 degrees - haha! Californians definition of "chilly" is a bit different than what is is back East :) Last weekend I stayed outside as much as possible soaking up the vitamin D from the sun. It was in the high 70s all weekend and absolutely gorgeous! Saturday I got up early and headed to the Mercato Farmers' Market to meet a friend from work and her husband who also live in Little Italy. This is the most amazing Farmers' Market I've ever been too... fresh California produce, beautiful flowers, crepes, coffee stands, fresh herbs, crafts, musicians, homemade pastas, meats, pastries, breads... I feel like I'm in Italy! I had a delicious chocolate and banana crepe for breakfast while listening to street musicians... can't get much more European than that!
It's also such a dog friendly neighborhood, and everyone brings their furry friends to the Mercato on Saturday mornings. There's a few dog booths with treats and toys. There's even a place to get portraits of your pet made by an artist. Don't make fun, but I'm considering getting one made this Saturday. They were also selling "Dogs of Little Italy" calendars... too funny! Max loves walking around and seeing all the other dogs. He wants every single person to notice and pet him, which he normal gets them to do - I mean, he's just that cute :)
A few more friends met me at the market, and we had fun wandering around and trying samples of everything. The cheese booth is one of my favorites, I love cheese! I stocked up on lots of fresh food. The prize of the week goes to the homemade lemon pepper fettuccine and fresh pesto. DELICIOUS! I also found beautiful purple orchids, two stems for $5! We then ate lunch outside and by the time I got home weighted down with bags, I'd been out at the market for 5 hours. Such a great way to spend a Saturday!

Monday I had off work for MLK day, and it was the most beautiful of the 3 days off. Max and I headed down to Mission Bay for a long walk. Tons of people were out riding bikes, jogging, having picnics, sunbathing, playing tag football... it really did feel like a summer day! There was not a cloud in the extremely blue sky!

So, it's been a struggle to see the palm trees swaying and the sunshine from my office window all week, and not want to head to the beach! As I'm writing this a hummingbird just landed right outside my window. Could I live in a more perfect place, I don't think so :) 

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