Friday, March 4, 2011

Oscars 2011 - The good, the bad and the ugly

Last Sunday I attended my first Oscars Watch Party hosted by a friend and her husband. They went all out and even rolled out a red carpet and took "papparazzi" shots as everyone arrived. Dang, I should have dressed up more! Snacks included popcorn, candy and hotdogs - to fit the movie theme. We all filled out Oscar ballots as we arrived as to who we thought would take home each award and put in $5 to enter. There was a prize to be won, as well as money, so I had done my research! I'd watched the Golden Globes and read some blogs online to know who were the favorites to win.

This was the first year I'd watched the Oscars on West Coast time, so it was a little weird that they started at 5pm instead of the usual 8pm on the East Coast. But the plus was that they were over at a reasonable time! I've always loved watching award shows, mainly for the fashion! And this year didn't dissappoint. Here are a few of my favorites.
Halle Berry looking flawless as ever in a champagne Marchesa dress. She never makes a Red Carpet mistake. I love the tulle train and detail at the top. It's so elegant and she gets an A+ from me!
Reese has been my girl crush forever, and I always love her style on the Red Carpets. I think she pulled off the vintage look beautifully with the teased ponytail and simple Armani Prive black dress. I actually wore a very similar dress to a formal before.
And who could take their eyes off Mila Kunis in this gorgeous Elie Saab Haute Couture lacy gown?!?! That must of involved a lot of body tape to keep everything in place. The Black Swan star looked stunning!
As far as the show goes, it was kind of a bore. Anne Hathaway had some funny moments and was charming as ever. But what the heck was up with James Franco? He looked so uninterested and almost annoyed about being there. He also seemed like he may have had a little Pineapple Express before getting on stage. The Opening bit spoof of the Best Picture nominees was cute, and it was somewhat amusing to see James Franco in a dress, but otherwise the show lacked comedy.

King's Speech was the big winner with Best Picture, Best Actor to Colin Firth and many others. I need to see this film! I liked Social Network but I'm glad it didn't win. It was an amazing film, but not of the Academy Awards Best Picture caliber. I saw 5 out of the 10 Best Picture nominees. I didn't think I'd like True Grit but I loved it! I was surprised that it didn't win anything.

All in all, I guessed 12 out of 20 winners right. The hosts got the most right at 14, but they didn't want to keep the prize :) Three of us tied for second place, and then drew names to who got the grand prize. I won!
Now it's time to see all the other Oscar nominees!

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