Friday, July 22, 2011

One year ago... I became a Californian!

One year ago today, I arrived in San Diego, California! Last Friday marked one year since I left Charlotte. CRAZY! That week long cross country adventure with my family and Max has so many wonderful memories. Somehow we didn't drive each other totally insane :)

This year has FLOWN by and I honestly can't believe it's been this long since I became a Californian. (Well, an honorary one, because no matter where I live I'll always be a Southerner at heart!) I miss home a lot and everyone there, but it has been a wonderful year out here with so many new experiences.

And during this record breaking heat wave back East, I'm pretty darn lucky to live in a place with cool temperatures in the 70s year around! It was actually a bit chilly yesterday... not to brag or anything ;) I heard that the DC area is the "heat epicenter" with the highest heat index in the country. My brother's in DC for a conference, and my hometown where my parents live is 45 minutes from DC in Virginia. Hope y'all are staying inside and cool!

Here's a picture of me leaving Charlotte right after we finished packing up my U-Haul. It's crazy that your whole life can fit into one of these things! I think next time I make a big move I'm going to leave all my furniture behind. Or hire movers. Bless my Dad's heart for driving the U-Haul the whole way coast to coast for me! Those things are not easy to drive! I'm so lucky to have such an amazing family who helped me make the move out here. That road trip was definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

Nick and I at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville

Elevation 10,378 feet at Sandia Peak in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Painted Desert in the Petrified National Forest, Arizona

This is how Max slept in the car for most of the trip

Relaxing at our hotel in Sedona, Arizona where we rested for 2 days - Love this place!

Last stop before San Diego - Las Vegas! Nick and I at the new Aria Hotel

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