Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist

I decided to start a weekly post called "Wednesday Wishlist" to document all the things I lust after. I'm not an extremely material person, but I'm a girl therefore I like pretty things :) I recently joined the site pinterest which has led me to many items to add to my wishlist. It lets you easily bookmark pictures of things you like into categories like fashion, home, crafts, products, etc. I'm obsessed. Check out my page by clicking here. It's like having a collage of all the things you love. When I was a kid, I used to cut out pictures of things I liked from magazines and catalogues and glue them to foam boards to make a collage. I loved putting these up in my room. I also would cover my walls in magazine pictures, which I know drove my mother crazy. In my pre-teen/teenage days this consisted of JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), Hanson (oh yes, I was a HUGE fan) and N'Sync/Justin Timberlake pictures from the likes of BOP magazine. Don't judge, if you're a girl you know you did the same ;)

Now I found a way to still make collages, but without the messiness of the glue and scraps of paper. And I can share with all my friends - ahhh technology is a wonderful thing. So, here are my top 5 wishlist items for this week.

I want this dress from French Connection so badly! It's sold out, and nowhere to be found on ebay! I will keep hunting though... I think it's such a great combination of vintage and modern. It's so classy and elegant.

I was able to find several of this beautiful corset top on ebay from one of my favorite stores anthropologie. It's a pretty good price, so I think I'm going to have to snag it before they are gone forever. This would be the perfect top for a night out in San Diego!

I think this lamp would look so perfect in my bedroom. It's also from my beloved anthropolgie. It's on sale from $388 to $200. Still very pricey! I think I could probably make this myself. The lamp shade is made from pages of a dictionary. I'll let you know if I attempt this project, or just opt for buying it :)

What girl doesn't need a pair of hot pink patent leather pumps? I've wanted a pair of louboutins forever, and these are so adorable! Too bad they are WAY out of my price range. *tear* One day....

I want the teal pencil skirt! I can't find where it's from, but I have a feeling it's J.Crew!

So that concludes the first installment of my Wednesday Wishlist. Check back in next week :)


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