Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Musings: A picture is worth a thousand words... or a billion dollars.

I was pretty shocked to read the news today that Mark Zuckerburg announced that Facebook purchased the photo sharing app Instagram for $1 billion. WOW! This is a small company with 13 employees that made no profit from the app that's available for iPhone and Android. It has quickly grown to 30 million users. I recently got an iPhone last month and had heard the buzz about Instagram. So I downloaded the app and instantly (no pun intended) loved it! It's a place to create beautiful photos with many choices of filters that turn an ordinary photo into something unique. Here's a few that I've taken around San Diego recently. 

My neighborhood - the Little Italy Farmer's Market

Sunset on La Jolla Shores after Happy Hour

View from lunch on La Jolla Shores

Seagull taking off - San Diego Harbor

A walk along the Harbor on Easter Sunday

So, Facebook proved once again that they are taking over the world... I just hope they don't change Instagram too much. It's a great place to get to look beautiful photos without all of the ads and clutter of Facebook. So not only are pictures worth a thousand words, they're worth a billion dollars. 

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