Saturday, February 25, 2012

20 Things You May Not Know About Me

Even though most of my readers know me pretty well (Hi Mom!), I thought I'd share 20 things that people may not know about me. 

1. The house I grew up in Fredericksburg, VA since I was two years old (which my parents still live in) is 120 years old. I was convinced growing up it was haunted and used to freak my friends out with ghost stories and Ouija boards when they slept over. But I don't doubt that it actually may be.

The house all lit up for Christmas.

2. I'm seriously scared of spiders.

3. I'm a perfectionist.

4. I want to write historical fiction one day. Stories that are tied to art of the Italian Renaissance and the people depicted in famous paintings.

5. Growing up I was obsessed with collecting things. I had massive collections of Pogs, stickers, Pez dispenzers and Tweety Bird collectables. My Dad and I started a major coin collection together when I was about ten. The coins are the only collection that still exists.

6. I am a pack rat. I save just about every letter, birthday card and memento given to me. I love to go back and read them from time to time. I hardly get rid of anything, except for Pogs and Pez dispensers.

7. I've been to 12 European countries and 28 US States. Mostly in college and on 3 cross-country drives. I studied music in Eastern Europe in the summer of 2004 and backpacked through Germany in 2005. 

In a German train station with my Lutheran Campus Ministry group.

8. One of my goals is to see most of the places in the book 1000 Places to See Before You Die. I'm almost to 100. I wish I could travel for a living.

9. I don't eat red meat. The last hamburger I had was when I was 8. I mostly eat things that once had wings or came from the ocean.

10. On that note I LOVE sushi. I could eat it every day. But I didn't try it until my 20th birthday.

11. My middle name is Marie after my Grandmother, Stella Marie. I miss her dearly.

12. My Grandmother Irma (my Dad's mother) was the great grand-daughter of William Henry Seward who was Secretary of State under President Lincoln. He purchased Alaska for the US in 1867. His desk stayed in our family and now I have it in my apartment.

Grandma and me sometime in the early 80's. I also miss her dearly.

13. I giggle a lot when I get nervous talking to someone.

14. I've caught two bouquets at friends' weddings but am nowhere near walking down an aisle myself. I think that I'll be one of last of my friends to get married. And I'm okay with that.

15. I've never minded going out to eat or seeing a movie by myself. I like my own company sometimes. But it's always more fun with a friend or significant other of course :)

16. It never fails that I will cry at sappy things. Especially during Extreme Home Makeover and Lifetime movies.

17. I usually read 3 or more books at a time. I like the variety.

18. I love to scrapbook, but I rarely finish an entire one.

19. My teen crushes were Jonathan Taylor Thomas (BOP posters covered my walls) and Taylor Hanson. Yes, I admit I was a HUGE Hanson fan. MMMBop was catchy.

20. When I was a child, I wanted to become an archeologist when I grew up. I've always been fascinated with history. When my parents built a patio, I dug in my backyard for fun. Fredericksburg, VA has a Civil War battlefield and soldiers marched through my backyard. I found pottery and even some Civil War bullets. We gave it all to the local historical society.

So, that's me in a nutshell. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Very interesting Jessica! I never even realized you didn't eat red meat, even having spent time with you at the beach house.

    Very cool info on the Seward family! Heirlooms are so precious, you're lucky to be the keeper of that family treasure.