Thursday, February 9, 2012

Superbowl Commercials

I did a little facelift on the blog, hope you like it! I'm not a huge football fan (unless Clemson is playing of course!) so I really only watched the Superbowl for the commercials. And Madonna. I was happy to see the Giants win. My Dad's family are New Yorkers so I grew up cheering for them. It's always fun to see the underdog win. And to see Tom Brady cry. 

Here's a few of my favorite commercials - enjoy! 

1. E*Trade talking baby - "I'm speed dating!" I died laughing! Something is just hilarious about a baby talking like an adult.

2.  Acura NSX commercial with Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. Lots of great references to Seinfeld like the Soup Nazi. 

3. The Voice - It premiered after the Super Bowl and I can't believe I didn't watch last season! I love this show! And the commercial with an appearance by Betty White was classic. She just had her 90th Birthday and she's still got a thriving career. I want to be her someday.  


4. M&Ms - I love their marketing people, the commercials are always a riot. This featured Ms. Brown M&M who the red M&M thought was naked. He then strips off his shell to "I'm sexy and I know it." 

5. Uncle Jesse aka John Stamos makes a Superbowl cameo appearance in this Dannon commercial for greek yogurt. Is just me or does he get better looking with age?!?

6. And last but last least of my favorites, the Sketchers commercial with the French bulldog racing with greyhounds - in mini Sketchers. Mainly I just like that they replaced Kim Kardashian as their spokesperson with a bulldog. 

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Madonna's halftime performance. I thought it was a big improvement from years past, but watching her flip around stage in semi-slow motion was a little awkward. And what was with Cee Lo in a sequined moo-moo during Like a Prayer? I think my favorite part was that crazy rope dancing bit. It's hard to hate on the performance too much though, because she's freaking Madonna. All and all she rocked it. 

What were your fav. commercials of the night? 


  1. As a woman with wonderful taste, I am incredibly surprised the play on Ferris Buller's Day off commercial with Matthew Brodrick didn't make the top 5 on your list.

    1. Hi John! Haha, I actually missed that one. Just watched it though, and it's great!